• With CoinGecko set to hold NFT conference, Google searches for NFTs hit record high

  • One of the largest NFT conferences is set to take place this week, when a host of NFT luminaries will deliver key insights on this emerging field.

    That’s according to an announcement from its main organizer, cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko.

    The inaugural conference, dubbed “GeckoC- NFTs Gone Wild,” will be held virtually this year, with 3D avatars expected to interact with attendees, perhaps an important reminder of the conference’s content.

    Key figures and voices from the NFT industry are also expected to enlighten enthusiasts about the present and future of all things Fungible.

    The event, which kicks off on Wednesday and comes to a close on Friday, will also put the NFT theme in a kaleidoscope of art, music, collectibles, game monetization, sports, and more.

    In addition to more than 50 sessions, awesome events and over $100,000 worth of stipends, the conference will feature more than 200 speakers interacting with the audience.

    The list of speakers includes singer Aliaune Damala, also known as “Akon,” who is also the founder of Akoin, Sandbox co-founder Sebastian Borget, Immutable co-founder Rob Furgurson, and Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner, and others.

    Google’s search for NFT has increased dramatically

    Following this news, global searches on Google for NFTs continued to surge on Sunday, printing a new all-time high, with interest charts showing a peak interest of 100.

    The highest interest came from the China region with a factor of 100, followed by Singapore at 76 and Hong Kong at 65.

    Global searches for NFT continued to rise after a temporary decline in interest was seen beginning in late August, when interest values fell from an all-time high of 62 to 41 in late September.

    NFTs are becoming a “thing” for the first time as creators find a new way to express their work and, most importantly, sell it at amazing prices.

    This trend is further mitigated by the rapid interest in metaverse by various companies, including Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft, which are trying to become the “Amazon” of D-Apps and Defi.

    While art and collectibles continue to trade at low levels compared to September, when the largest weekly sales were $882.57 million, sales of gaming NFTs continue to soar, a clear indication of what users think the gaming industry will look like in the future.

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