• Hungry Hedgehogs NFT – Collector’s Dreams for Virtual and Physical Collectibles

  • 100 Unique Hungry Hedgehogs NFTs will be released in 10 installments. Each 10 NFTs will include one “unique” NFT and 9 “themed” NFTs.

    The first release will take place on November 13, 2021, when Hungry Hedgehogs will release a “unique” Astronaut NFT and 9 Medieval Knight NFTs for their “themed” series.

    Check out their roadmap and infographic for revelations on the next 9 products. The second product is expected to be announced on November 20, 2021, while the exact timeframe for the next 8 products will be revealed soon.

    The idea of throwing away paper receipts and signed plastic cards All Hungry Hedgehog doll collectibles will be numbered and can be authenticated via DNA (Digital Number Authentication) NFT – that’s a digital receipt of ownership that provides additional digital authentication for doll collectibles. The Hungry Hedgehog DNA caters to people who want to hold an NFT and want to trade collectibles.

    In total, there are 40 Hungry Hedgehog bobblehead collectibles available for redemption.

    The Hungry Hedgehog has been registered on the OpenSea Marketplace since early September 2021.

    OpenSea is the leading platform for NFT transactions worldwide. In the first 17 days of August, it processed more than $1 billion in transactions.

    On its record-breaking day, OpenSea processed 79,800 transactions from 25,000 users; cumulative transaction volume exceeded $75 million.

    In the third quarter of 2021, OpenSea’s transaction volume surged by more than 1,000%, making the platform one of the flagship end-user services of the NFT revolution.

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