• Five high-profile NFT auctions at Hong Kong art auctions

  • The NFT initiative continues to explode in Hong Kong as celebrities join artists in supporting a technology that is changing the way digital art and now film is made, bought and sold. In addition, NFT addresses the issue of sharing and copying digital works, reducing the value of owning the “original” version of a work.

    Wong Kar Wai’s

    An unreleased behind-the-scenes video for In the Mood For Love will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in October. In addition, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung appear in Wong Kar Wai’s most critically acclaimed film since 2000.

    Refik Anadol’s

    Images from space, collected by satellites and spacecraft, were used by Turkish media artist Anadol to create eight digital artworks. In addition, he was given images of the machine’s dream of the universe.

    They were created from more than 2 million raw space images and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, as if the original telescope could think for itself.

    Shawn Yu’s

    Christie’s is currently auctioning off 14 NFT artworks held by the Hong Kong star as part of its “No Time Like the Present” online charity auction.

    Among the highlights of the auction are six CryptoPunks, a historical series. In addition, for CryptoPunk #9997, the highest bid at the auction was HK$5.5 million ($706,500), while the other five less common CryptoPunks were all offered for over HK$1 million.


    In 2008, Shanghai-based artist Jacky Tsai designed a floral skull symbol for fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Since then, he has used the skull in many of his works, including his recent NFT art created on the ethereal NFT art platform Opensea.


    British-Chinese director Bizhan Tong, 33, is producing Asia’s first “NFT movie” with blockchain technology company Marvion Media. In addition, The Walking Dead’s Xander Berkeley and Hong Kong actress Rebecca Choi star in “Confinement”.

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