• Maxim Magazine Partners with xSigma to Launch NFT Marketplace

  • The partnership between Maxim and xSigma has birthed a new market for non-forgeable tokens (NFT).

    MaximNFT is a new platform launched in partnership between xSigma and Maxim Magazine. xSigma is a blockchain R&D lab and a subsidiary of ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN), a marketplace that reportedly has exclusive access to Maxim’s NFT series. The lab has been developing its own DeFi, NFT and stablecoin-based products. Meanwhile, Maxim magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is now distributed in 75 countries worldwide. The magazine is aimed at young men and focuses on cars, fashion, lifestyle and women. It is considered a “job-safe version” of magazines like Playboy. Previous cover models have included Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera and Megan Fox.

    The goal of the NFT Marketplace is to combine Maxim’s brand reach with the research and development capabilities of xSigma Labs.The MaximNFT Marketplace will offer users the option to buy, sell and mint NFTs that leverage multiple blockchains, including the Ether, Polkadot and Binance smartchains.

    Leveraging the power of its 10 million monthly readers, MaximNFT hopes to attract a large number of creators and traders through print, social media and digital publishing efforts. Behind the scenes, xSigma will include features including “NFT tokenization” which will allow traders to sell fractional ownership of their NFTs. This will allow these unique assets to be broken down and shared with the cryptocurrency community, which MaximNFT hopes will be an industry-changing step.

    MaximNFTs to focus on sports and pop culture

    Maxim plans to focus its attention on “sports and celebrity collectibles, as well as gaming content.” So far, only one of these partnerships has been confirmed, and on September 2, MaximNFT announced in a Twitter post that it was partnering with former NBA star Michael Beasley. In an Instagram post, Beasley confirmed that his NFT will be available exclusively on MaximNFT starting in November. Unless something else happens first, they will be the first NFTs sold on the platform.

    The press release also states that the company believes the rise of gaming and the integration of NFTs into the metaverse will continue to grow.MaximNFT also plans to integrate NFT minting with AR and VR technology.

    MaximNFT will go live in Q4 2021 with “a range of NFTs from celebrities, athletes and brands”, the announcement said.

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