• Mark Cuban Joins AlchemyNFT’s $6 Million SAFT Fundraiser

  • The NFT utility program AlchemyNFT has raised $6 million in funding from Mark Cuban and others.

    Founder Victor Zhang tells us that AlchemyNFT plans to grow its team and launch a new product.AlchemyNFT, a cryptocurrency project that lets users add utility to their holdings of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has raised $6 million in funding.

    Victor Zhang, founder of AlchemyNFT, told us the funding was secured in an angel and seed round through a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) sale.Zhang said there was no lead investor in the funding, but major investors included Crypto.com Capital, Framework Ventures Mechanism Capital, LongHash Ventures and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

    With the new funding, AlchemyNFT plans to expand its current team of 13 to about 20 in the near future, Zhang said.” He said, “We are hiring some core team members to help grow and make faster progress in research and development.

    Zhang said AlchemyNFT also plans to launch a new product based on its TokenScript technology framework, which will help improve the functionality and usability of blockchain tokens.

    Signing the NFT with an autograph

    Zhang said AlchemyNFT’s first product is AutographNFT, a platform that enables anyone to make their NFTs more valuable by getting them digitally signed by people they like.

    For example, Zhang himself recently asked ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin to sign his NFT called “The Alchemist. “Buterin signed the NFT on July 21 and then attested the NFT from his Twitter ID signature.Zhang said he discussed the attestation with Buterin in 2018 Technology.

    The ethereum community gave The Alchemist NFT to Zhang three years ago as Gitcoin Kudos – tokens given as gifts among members of the Gitcoin community.Zhang later named his NFT project after the NFT he received.

    The founder said he wanted to make the attestation.id platform available to the public as a service. He added that the ticket system for Devcon, the upcoming ethereum developer conference, is also currently using AlchemyNFT’s proof technology.

    “Remixing NFT is a game-changer,” Zhang said.” Whether it’s owners adding music or signatures to their NFTs, or musicians rewarding backers with redeemable rights to the marketplace. It brings a new layer of mobility and utility.”

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