• ‘Squid Games’ NFT is trading on OpenSea

  • An unidentified NFT (non-fakeable token) creator with the username 9194C0 on digital marketplace OpenSea has created nearly 2,000 NFTs that replicate the globally popular Netflix series “Squid Games,” some of which are traded to over 1 ETH.

    These NFTs replicate a card that appears in the TV series, inviting the protagonist to join the Squid Games.The description on OpenSea says that each card is an “invitation to enter the adventurous and mysterious metaverse game,” suggesting that an off-brand Squid Games metaverse may have been developed. However, details about the metaverse game are unclear.

    The user, who wishes to remain anonymous, minted nearly 2,000 Squid game card NFTs, which OpenSea subscribers can claim for free once they have paid for gas. Nonetheless, these NFTs are being traded for value between users after being claimed, with some going for more than an Ether (about $3,487).

    In addition, the developer’s OpenSea account does not show any affiliation with Netflix or the TV series producer. The Korean Copyright Commission has said that distributing NFTs created by others or owned offline could be a copyright infringement. However, there is currently no specific law in Korea to regulate copyright infringement of NFTs.

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