• The Baby Shark NFT series is finally here

  • You’re already singing that song, aren’t you? Baby Shark Doodle Doo. The song is a global phenomenon, with the catchy viral song featuring at #1 all over the world. Now, thanks to SmartStudy and Pinkfong, Baby Shark is once again hovering in the water in the form of Baby Shark NFT.

    The world of Baby Shark is now in NFT space and fans of the mega hit can own a piece of the action with the first-ever NFT Baby Shark series. In collaboration with music partner Sony Music Entertainment/Relentless Records, Pinkfong and SmartStudy will release the series at MakersPlace.

    The highly anticipated project can now be viewed on digital art marketplace Makersplace. Titled Baby Shark. Portfolio #1 will be available for purchase on December 2 at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

    With over 9.75 billion views on YouTube, it is the most viewed song of all time. Shockingly, that’s more than the entire population of the planet. Baby Shark’s dance/song took the world by storm and became a global hit in 2016.

    The entire world seemed to have the song playing in their heads. It won numerous awards and was certified as RIIA Diamond (11x Platinum). Considering its popularity around the world, it’s no surprise that Baby Shark NFT is here to stay.

    Baby Shark NFT will be available in audio

    There are six pieces in the NFT series. In addition, five are limited editions and one is a unique 1/1. these pieces feature Baby Shark and his family with animated effects, inspired by holographic playing cards.

    Of course, no Baby Shark project would be complete without audio, and these pieces reference catchy songs, including PinkFong’s iconic voice. This is a new limited series. Finally, NFT blends the original Baby Shark with updated visual technology.

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