• Chicken Derby – 13,000 NFT poultry acts are coming your way

  • Over the past month, anyone who has followed the world of NFT has noticed a flock of unruly fowl causing a ruckus. This phenomenon is the Chicken Derby, the purebred chicken race of the digital realm.

    So, in a defining moment for the rooster and hen families, the final drop of 13,000 farmyard chickens will come this Friday. The drop will occur at 2 p.m. ET on Aug. 20. In addition, the total price for the final round of chicken-themed madness is 0.042 WETH. importantly, that magic “W” in front of “ETH” means those dreaded gas bills will not apply.

    However, this popular mechanism does mean that in order to get in on the action, the funds need to be moved around a little. Therefore, a Matic (Polygon) wallet full of WETH is needed to get some tasty chicken.

    Chicken Derby is a simulated NFT racing game where weaponized poultry compete for Ether. Think of it as Zed Run for the insane. with that in mind, the chickens come equipped with racing status, plus special talents. Expect to see jetpacks, machine guns, catapults and much more on the track.

    Are you brave enough to compete on the Chicken Derby circuit? Or are you …… Oh, wait.

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