• The Matrix NFT avatar is here – blue pill or red pill?

  • The legendary movie The Matrix is coming to the blockchain in the form of an NFT series. In honor of the upcoming movie The Matrix: Resurrection, Warner Bros. will release 100,000 NFT avatars later this month.

    These avatars are based on characters from the movie and consist of many attributes that may be combined in many different types, from hairstyles to hair color, from clothing to accessories, including handheld devices, jewelry and glasses. These NFTs were created using Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator tool.

    The collection will have a two-phase launch. Starting on November 30, fans will be able to purchase an NFT on Nifty’s NFT platform for $50. then, on December 16, NFT holders will be able to take either the “blue pill” or the “red pill” and decide whether their character will stay in the Matrix or transform into a resistance fighter that breaks away from it. Over the next few months, there will be more fun challenges and games for NFT holders, as well as opportunities to gain new NFTs.

    The Matrix Resurrection will be released in theaters internationally starting December 16 and in theaters in the U.S. and on HBO Max on December 22. the NFT series will appeal to fans around the world and outside of theaters.

    Pam Lifford, president of global brands and experiences at WarnerMedia, said in a statement.” The additional twist of avatars, red and blue pills, and the ongoing opportunity to interact with the community and be a part of the story will keep fans coming back for more.”

    Further information on the price drop will be released in the coming weeks.

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