• 100-Player Mega Battle: former Midway, Disney, Activision game developer announces NFT game with mechanized combat

  • At the NFT.NYC conference, developers from Metalcore Foundation and Studio 369 revealed a mechanized combat video game powered by NFT. The game’s creators have worked for Activision, Disney, Lucasfilm, Midway, and franchises such as Mechwarrior, Mortal Kombat, and Gears of War.

    Metalcore Foundation and Studio 369 announce blockchain-powered mech combat game

    The game development team behind an organization called Metalcore Foundation and video game developer Studio 369, has announced a new blockchain-powered video game title for multiplayer mechanized combat called Metalcore.The game is being built in Unreal Engine 4 and is a first-person combat game located in an open world.

    “Players can engage in 100-player PvP mega battles, smaller cooperative PvE battles, and faction-based open-world conflicts,” the Metalcore team’s announcement details.

    The game is being developed by a team with experience from such notable companies as Lucasfilm, Midway, Activision and Disney. Hugo Award-winning concept artist Stephan Martiniere is also working with the team.Martiniere’s artwork can be seen in projects such as God of War, Magic the Gathering, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls.

    The upcoming NFT-powered mechanized combat video game will be a departure from the traditional free-to-play world.

    “Metalcore combines the engaging nature of traditional gaming with the growing blockchain economy,” the team’s announcement detailed.” Unlike traditional free-to-play games, where players buy digital items with no intrinsic value, Metalcore builds a solid core economy and puts ownership in the hands of players.Metalcore will offer private Alpha on PC to select players in Spring 2022, with its first NFTs available for pre-order in January 2022.”

    Blockchain-powered games saw huge demand in the third quarter – Axie Infinity saw nearly $3 billion in sales and close to 1 million unique NFT dealers

    The team said everything in the Metalcore world will have value, such as vehicles, land, pilots and blueprints. In addition, Metalcore will incorporate Play-2-Earn (P2E) and Win-2-Earn (W2E) strategies.The Metalcore team’s announcement also said.

    Metalcore players will collect rare weapons, cosmetic meshes and skins that can be brought into battle and traded as NFTs on an open marketplace. By beating missions and earning rewards, players will become land owners, mining resources and generating taxes. They will build tall combat vehicles, recruit pilots, and lead guilds in brutal territorial wars.

    Blockchain-powered games mixed with non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become very popular in recent times, and in 2021, the game Axie Infinity has been a huge success. To date, the blockchain video game Axie Infinity produced by Sky Mavis has generated $2.86 billion in NFT sales among nearly one million (963,380) traders worldwide.

    NFT rewards were even used in games like the 2021 MC Chess Tour, when Magnus Carlsen won the world’s first chess NFT trophy. Just like decentralized finance (defi), gaming finance (gamefi) aims to blend the experience of online gaming with financial rewards or incentives.

    The Metalcore team also released a premiere trailer on Youtube that teases what to expect from the game.Statistics from a report published by Dappradar.com show that blockchain games started seeing a massive influx of demand in the third quarter of 2021 in recent times.

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