• 3D art production platform STUDIO90ies launches unique, luxurious NFT collection

  • 3D focused art production studio STUDIO90ies is launching a SADBUNZ collection of 12 highly realistic 3D characters as a tribute to grief. The elements echo the luxury collection.

    Later this month, they will be part of a virtual exhibition called IT IS ALL AROUND US, which showcases famous NFT artists using Artgence 3D’s immersive technology. You can watch it here.

    A Match Made in Heaven.

    SADBUNZ combines these two trends in one product. As the figurines rotate, an exclusive soundtrack plays in the background of the luxurious, rotating NFT products.STUDIO90ies developed this collection in collaboration with experts to showcase the features that the figurine and luxury market expects from collectibles.

    More than just a collector’s item

    According to Guy Jonathan Kazamba and Joy Katarina Lorque Schirnin, co-founders and managing directors of STUDIO90ies, the Sadbunz figurines reflect the melancholy of everyday life in the digital age, where we have never been more connected, but at the same time divided. The creators of these figurines, Pikazo 21 and Marley XXI, say.

    “Emojis have become an intrinsic part of our digital communication. Here’s an interesting fact: identifying with emojis or similar cartoonish expressions has a therapeutic effect on us during difficult times. In a way, SADBUNZ are an answer to rising mental health issues. They remind us that sometimes, we have difficulties – but no grief lasts forever.”

    The SADBUNZ saga began with the first edition of the collectible NFT figurine series. In total, there will be 12 different colorways. Of these, 75 first edition collectibles will inspire a digital treasure hunt as they will be spread across five NFT markets.

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