• 3LAU and Christie’s X Opensea Auction Rights to New Song

  • Critically acclaimed DJ and EDM producer 3LAU has partnered with Christie’s Auctioneers and OpenSea Marketplace. Together, this trinity of excellence will auction off a brand new 3LAU track.

    From December 4-7, rival bidders will compete for 3LAU’s new composition, “Waveform.” What makes this auction special is that the associated smart contract will transfer the full commercial rights to the new owner. Thereafter, the fate of the track is tied to the NFT and those who hold it.

    They will then hold the distribution, remix and mastering rights to the track. That’s not all, there’s a lot of great bonus material bundled into the whole package. All in all, the winner of the auction will walk away with a copy of the track and full ownership. There is also a still NFT image, as well as a great looking 3D rendering of the track’s waveform.

    This auction marks the continuation of Christie’s and OpenSea’s partnership, as these two powerhouses in their respective fields have joined forces for an incredible art and music auction, offering the best collection of amazing artifacts from the next generation of the art world.

    The 3LAU sale highlights the huge potential of NFT in the music space, where smart contracts can add incredible value to the underlying assets. Sure, you can torrent an MP3, or easily copy an image. But can you copy and paste distribution rights? That seems a bit unlikely.

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