• 7 NFT markets transferring more than $356 million per month in value – Opensea, Axie Infinity Eclipse Competition

  • In the first week of August, the number of monthly dollar value transfers from the seven leading non-fungible token (NFT) markets has reached a total of $356 million. Currently, the Cryptopunks project is leading the way in terms of NFT project sales. Meanwhile, the marketplace Opensea accounts for the lion’s share of transfer values, as the trading platform accounts for 97.19% of monthly settlement values.

    Opensea’s monthly sales wave accounts for the lion’s share of the dollar transfer value

    The most prominent non-fungible token project this week was Cryptopunks, as statistics show that the project had 1,018 sales worth over $166 million last week.Cryptopunks was followed by Art Blocks ($61 million) and Meebits ($27 million) and Superrare ( 6.8 million) respectively. In addition, Cryptoarte ($3.5 million), Hashmasks ($2.8 million) and Sandbox ($2 million) also contributed to the 67,538 NFT sales recorded this past week on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

    According to NFT data sourced from Dune Analytics, marketplace Opensea is the top NFT trading platform today.Opensea captures monthly sales on Foundation, Knownorigin, Makersplace, Opensea, Superrare, Rarible and Asyncart and other NFT marketplaces transferring a massive 97% of the dollar value between them.

    The data shows that the amount of dollars transferred from these seven NFT markets is approximately $356 million. Opensea and Superrare received the highest value when it came to the average dollar price per NFT in these markets.

    Foundation, Opensea, Rarible, Superrare user growth – Axie Infinity nears $1.35B deal volume for Opensea

    In terms of users over time, Opensea is also approaching 200,000. There are currently 196,906 registered users who have made at least one trade using Opensea’s marketplace. In comparison, Superrare has a smaller number, with only 3,417 registered collectors having made a single trade. foundation has around 7,000, while Rarible has a long track record of over 60,000 users.

    Sourced from Dune Analytics metrics, marketplace Opensea is the top NFT trading platform today. opensea captures 97% of the dollar value of monthly transfers between the seven NFT marketplaces.

    NFT sales have been on the rise over the past 30 days, with monthly stats from nonfungible.com showing a total of $630 million across 55,815 active wallets. The stats further show 115,124 primary sales and just under $100,000 in secondary sales in the last 30 days. Metrics from dappradar.com also show that Opensea is the top dog when it comes to all-time NFT transaction volume. opensea has $1.35 billion in all-time transaction volume, while Axie Infinity has $1.086 billion in all-time transaction volume.

    Axie Infinity is followed by Cryptopunks ($647 million), NBA Top Shot ($638.6 million) and Rarible ($182.58 million).Sorare ($97.42 million), Superrare ($87.42 million) and Atomicmarket ($72.02 million) occupy the sixth, seventh and eighth market positions.

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