• 7 Bridges Brewery将啤酒NFTs带入Metaverse。

  • There’s nothing more exciting in this world than the collision of the worlds of beer and NFTs. Now, 7 Bridges Brewery Company has aligned with Trace Network to launch a beer-themed boutique.

    Based in Vietnam, 7 Bridges Brewery created the /iNFTy series, a set of 99 ultra-rare, high-end craft beers. The recipes were then burned to create a limited edition, never to be seen in production again. Accompanying each beer is a 3D, cross-universe compatible beer “wearable”, as well as, a unique artwork label. The beers will be kept in a secure cold storage facility until claimed by the rightful owner. However, the owner must retrieve all bottles by February 29, 2024, which is presumably the expiration date.

    This is all made possible through Trace Network, an organization that specializes in serving brands in the meta-universe. As such, the /iNFTy beer series represents the first brand on their upcoming Local Market Bling.

    As such, you can now wander the metaverse clutching your growler and sipping on the deliciousness of a well-crafted beer as you operate your avatar at your workstation. The future is here, and it’s bright.

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