• A rare CloneX NFT sold for an incredible 450ETH

  • On February 1st, a CloneX NFT was sold for a whopping 450 ETH ( $1.25M). This is the first million-dollar Clone X purchase.

    The first Million dollars CloneX purchase

    As mentioned CloneX #4594 was purchased for $1.25 M. Talking about the NFT, CloneX #4594 contains some rare traits such as White Octopus ( WHT-OCTOPUS) hair with 0.43% rarity and Murakami DNA trait – 0.51%. Given that, Twitter user @FTazi bought the NFT via OpenSea. Currently, the floor price of the CloneX NFT project is 14.8 ETH.

    Meanwhile, the NFT community is ecstatic about the purchase and has praised the collection as well.

    More about the NFT project

    Clone X is a collection of 20,000 3D NFT avatars, each with its own set of characteristics. Within the metaverse, collectors can use each avatar for video, gaming, social media, and other types of content.

    Takashi Murakami, the legendary Japanese artist, inspired the name. Murakami, in fact, has contributed to the collection by designing numerous colourful traits in his signature style. As a result, the Clone X avatars have a variety of clothing styles, accessories, and distinct haircuts. Each trait is impressively realistic thanks to RTFKT’s collaboration with the Daz 3D platform.

    The NFT project has a large trading volume of $90.5 million and over 8000 owners. Following CloneX #4594, the second-highest sale of a Clone X avatar occurred at $672K.

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