• Aavegotchi braces for its fifth major wearables sweepstakes

  • Harmony’s Ghost, Aavegotchi have revealed the date for their highly anticipated wearables raffle. So swap your ‘frens’ for some tasty raffle tickets and get in on the action.

    Aavegotchi’s fifth wearables raffle will take place this weekend at the Gotchiverse and will offer fans the chance to win some new and totally exclusive spooky costumes.

    All told, 18 brand new wearables will be up for grabs, representing six new Ghost suits. Each suit is inspired by one of Aavegotchi’s most notable partners; Unicly, APY Vision, Coingecko, Lil Bubble, Dapp Radar, and QIDao all have the opportunity to join. In addition, each item comes complete with rarities ranging from lowly generic wearables, all the way up to coveted godly items.

    Head over to Aavegotchi’s gambling den now to get quick Frens for raffle tickets. Alternatively, those who are handy can purchase some pre-made tickets on the secondary market. Once obtained, entrants can enter this weekend’s Grand Raffle.

    Those interested can submit their entries from 10 a.m. ET on Sept. 24 until the drawing at 10 a.m. ET on Sept. 27. At that time, an automated process driven by Chainlink’s random number generator will select the winner. Thereafter, successful sweepstakes winners will be able to claim their prizes at any time after the end of the campaign.

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