• Aavegotchi’s bridge to ethereum to open soon, including trading rewards

  • Hold on to your horses, Aavegotchi is making its way to the ethereum network. Thanks to the utility of the cross-chain bridge, these lovely elves are traveling far and wide. They’ll be strolling over to Ether, where they’ll be supplying the shelves of the virtual marketplace Rarible with goods.

    For a long time, Aavegotchi have been living in their own microscopic polygonal world. Now, full of goods and with newfound confidence, they are exploring further afield. No longer just dwellers, these brave ghosts are now explorers as well. So, starting at 00:00 AM (UTC) on October 4, a portal will be opened and the procession of ghosts will move on.

    This extra string on Aavegotchi’s bow will provide a huge boost to the gathering ability and remove any cross-chain barriers that previously limited the ghost world. Supporting Aavegotchi in this endeavor is leading marketplace Rarible, who will be listing these lovely ghosts on their esteemed platform.

    Additionally, to incentivize participation, Aavegotchi traders will receive triple rewards in their DAO-based community program. In short, Rarible contributors will be rewarded with $RARI tokens, while Aavegotchi traders will receive an additional portion for a limited time only. This reward structure will begin on October 4 at 00:00 UTC and continue until October 18 at 00:00 UTC, with rewards paid every 7 days.

    Five Aavegotchi have completed the perilous journey to another world. And now, inspired by this spirit of adventure, more ghosts will follow.

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