• Aavegotchi REALM plot auction – everything you need to know

  • What Halloween season would be complete without the appearance of the lovable ghost, Aavegotchi. As per usual, they will be arriving in the form of the eagerly awaited REALM auction.

    Aavegotchi is moving full steam ahead with Gotchiverse. It’s an immersive meta-space for pixelated ghosts to socialize, battle, build, earn money, and explore. As such, fans can have their own pockets in this 8-bit universe in the form of REALM packages. So on October 28th at 2pm (UTC), Aavegotchi will be kicking things off with one of their famous Bid to Earn auctions.

    REALM packages come in three flavors: humble, reasonable, and spacious, each of which directly affects the amount of Alchemica deposits that can be mined. Alchemica in turn represents the components needed to build the “device” on the land. In total, 16,000 REALM plots will be auctioned off, with another 4,000 to be acquired via raffle shortly thereafter. This is the first land auction to take place in the Aavegotchi base camp, “The Citadel”.

    In order to participate in the auction, please top up your Polygon wallet with GHST dollars and then head over to the Aavegotchi auction page. The auction will end on Halloween at 2pm UTC, however, bids placed within the last 20 minutes will activate “Hammer Time” and each activation will add 20 minutes to the total time.

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