• Acer Group Founder Stan Shih looks for a thousand horses to help new NFT digital artists shine on the international stage

  • Acer Group Founder Stan Shih held an online Chinese New Year greeting event on Sunday, and specially invited Wu Che-Yu, an artist shining in the international NFT digital art field, to join him in the greeting, and also announced that the Science and Technology Group will collaborate with Wu Che-Yu to hold a solo exhibition in Taiwan for the first time in April this year, and promote the NFT creator incubation program to jointly promote the combination of technology and art, with a view to strengthening Taiwan’s soft power in the metaverse and new digital art generation. The soft power of content in Taiwan’s metaverse and new digital art generation.

    As the metaverse emerges, Stan Shih believes that Taiwan is already playing an important role in developing new devices to communicate between reality and reality for the world, but the software and innovative content is where the greatest value lies in the future, and this is an opportunity that Taiwan cannot give up.

    Stan Shih said that after he retired, Acer held the Digital Creation Award and invested in nurturing digital creation talent, and he is glad that it is now blossoming. Wu Che-Yu, who was only in junior high school at the time, was one of the students who participated and won four first prizes in the five consecutive years of the Acer Digital Creation Awards. When he chose to study for a master’s degree in integrated digital media at New York University in the United States after graduation, Shi wrote a recommendation letter for him.

    Stan Shih said that after making his mark on the international stage, Wu Che-Yu also hopes to make further contributions to Taiwan, and following his participation in the Yang Ming Jiaotong University Arts and Letters Alumni Symposium recently, he will further collaborate with Science and Technology to hold his first solo exhibition in Taiwan in April this year, as well as the “Taiwan Baiyue NFT Experience”, which will bring the interactive experience of performance computing The exhibition will bring the interactive experience of art and NFT into the experimental field of Ambi Space One.

    Wu Che-Yu believes that the meta-universe is a major trend of the future, and that NFT brings about the flow and evolution of value and ownership, not only for artworks, but also for value trading and membership to become digital assets that can be circulated quickly across platforms, and by validating NFT and digital currency, the DAO community can jointly manage and participate in future decisions, and share governance and prosperity in the Web 3.0 era, so that more people can join together to promote the blockchain industry The ecosystem will flourish.

    Wu Che-Yu points out that the key to grasping the opportunities of the meta-universe is the imagination of an integrated virtual-real experience, exploring the new possibilities of art liberated by the virtual digital medium. It is particularly important for creators to master new technologies, and by upgrading their tools and media, they can create works more quickly, experiment with unprecedented works and techniques, and connect to different services, expanding their imagination. The ultimate metaverse is not just about entering the virtual world, but about the integration of the offline world, software and hardware, digital assets, and existing service systems, evolving the real world into an integrated experience that blends reality with reality.

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