• Adobe Behance Integrates Solana NFTs

  • Adobe has just announced that Behance will now allow users to showcase their Solana NFTs on the platform. Certainly, the move will benefit Behance users who want a place to display any Solana NFTs they have created. Not to mention that it encourages creatives on Behance to try out NFTs, given the lower barrier to entry of Solana.

    Solana NFT integration on Adobe Behance follows a similar feature for Ethereum

    To sum up, Behance is an Adobe platform that caters to creatives. While other social media platforms have an ocean of content on them, Behance is more akin to a LinkedIn for visual creative work. That is to say that Behance users can showcase their past projects and solicit new job opportunities through the platform.

    The Solana NFT integration will be fairly straightforward for Adobe Behance users. In fact, all they will have to do is simply connect their Phantom wallet for Solana to the platform. Once they do that, they can choose Solana NFTs they have created to appear on their Behance profile.

    Adobe Behance actually added the same feature for Ethereum NFTs back in October 2021. However, Adobe wanted to offer Behance users a way of experimenting with NFTs that was both cheaper and less energy-intensive. As the head of Behance, William Allen, tweeted in his announcement of the new feature:

    “There are already tens of thousands of @Behance users showcasing the NFTs they created on Ethereum. Some, though, have concerns about the energy use of Ethereum and the high transaction costs. As a Proof of Stake chain, #solana addresses this.”

    Another key point is that QuickNode helped Adobe build out the new Behance feature. To clarify, the company focuses on building blockchain infrastructure. For Adobe, this means that they will be able to access the Solana blockchain without having to build and maintain their own node.

    Adobe and NFTs: A match made in heaven

    As noted above, the tools in Adobe’s creative suite are highly popular. As a matter of fact, they are industry-standard across many creative fields. Given that, it makes sense that the company would make moves that benefit NFT creators on Solana, Ethereum, and other blockchains.

    After all, with the demand for NFT artists and developers skyrocketing as NFTs grow into the mainstream, Adobe would no doubt want Behance to become a go-to for people seeking out talented creators already in the NFT space.

    Last October, the same month it rolled out the Behance feature for Ethereum NFTs, Adobe announced a couple of NFT-friendly updates to its Photoshop product. Mainly, it added a “Prepare as NFT’ feature.

    By the same token, Adobe Photoshop recently entered a partnership with the NFT project “Clay Friends”. That project is a perfect example of how many NFT creators rely on Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to create their NFTs.

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