• Aetheria Neighbourhood Museum launches in Decentraland

  • The Aetheria Block Museum (ABM) is launching its new venue in Decentraland this weekend to celebrate all things Etheria. To liven things up, they’ve secured the talents of five world-renowned and distinguished artists.

    This grand exhibition tells the tumultuous history of the Ether blockchain through the medium of data and generative art. With this goal in mind, the art collection is divided into five different categories depicting the rise of the ethereum, each telling a specific story in the history of the popular blockchain.

    Esteemed creators Hex6c, Chiara Braidotti, CryptoArte, and Block Parks showcase their artistic prowess. Providing the audiovisual treat is none other than the hugely popular multidisciplinary artist Eclectic Method, who together will take their guests on a journey through the digital realm.

    All attendees will have access to an exclusive POAP designed by CryptoArte himself.Metaverse residents and interested newcomers are invited to this spectacular event, and those hosting the show are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase their shiny new venue.

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