• Alain Chan’s Opera in the NFT

  • TTV’s 60th anniversary opera drama, “Jia Qing Jun Travels to Taiwan” by Chen Yalan, is scheduled to be broadcast on February 24 at 8pm on TTV. The most trendy song-and-dance drama, Chen Ah-lan announces its entry into the NFT meta-universe market, catering to the Year of the Tiger by creating a virtual character called “De-Lu Tiger” based on the character “Wang De-Lu” played by Kí Lē-jû. The collaboration with Cheers³’ DonDon Sword-Tooth Tiger to create the virtual character “De Luo Tiger” is a great opportunity for the audience to think of opera as a traditional opera that cannot be separated from the traditional promotional field,” said Chan.

    She chose the yellow-robed version of “Yuan Zu De Lu Hu” (the pre-market version) and said, “When I see this design, I feel like an emperor. Her friends, including Wong Wan-ling, Wong Choi-wah, Chan Man-shan, Tsao Ah-man and director Yip Tin-lun, all echoed her sentiments. I remember when I was a child, I would watch Jia Qingjun’s tour of Taiwan with my mother,” said Cao Ya Wen. This time, she sang the theme song and end credits of Jia Qing Jun Travels to Taiwan with Chen Yalan, a lively and refreshing tune.

    She also performed the song “Jia Qing Jun Journeys to Taiwan” and jokingly thanked the emperor (Chen Yalan) for the gift. Chen Yalan’s mentor, Lihua Yang, also praised her for her promotion work, praising her as a “surprise maker”, first with fashion, and then with Cartoon elements.

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