• Alipay has released a limited number of NFT skins in the small program “ant chain fans”

  • Alipay released a limited number of NFT skins in the small program “ant chain fans”. Two of them are divided into “Zhaocai Luwang” and “Zhaocai Feitian”, which are payment code NFT skin jointly launched with Dunhuang Academy of art. At the same time, there is the skin of the popular Guoman “Assassin 567”. All skin is limited to 8000 pieces, priced at 10 Alipay points +9.9 yuan.

    Alipay official said that the Alipay NTF skin was copied from the original work to the specific storage space of the ant chain, with the digital work of virtual certificate recognition.

    Ant chain platform refers to a digital work and its virtual platform independently developed and operated through ant blockchain technology based on public cloud technology services. Certificate issuance / transaction is a blockchain open platform that provides trusted certificate storage, virtual certificate configuration, blockchain technology and other technical services. It can be said that some people know these characters, but they can’t read them together.

    The anchoring value of homogenization pass is the same, and the use value can be freely convertible and divided. Legal currency is a typical homogeneous token. 100 yuan can be exchanged for another 100 yuan or divided into two 50 yuan.

    Instead of homogeneous tokens, it can be understood that the unique characteristics of blockchain technology are applied, and the ownership of unique digital assets is verified and indivisible.

    Since the birth of the Internet, there have been many non-homogeneous digital assets and creations, such as domain names, game equipment and skin, and even personal social accounts. Everyone has a large number of irreplaceable digital assets with varying degrees of interoperability, liquidity and scarcity. Blockchain technology provides standardized verification certificates for these unique and irreplaceable digital assets. NFTs are valuable because of their verifiable uniqueness and rarity, which makes them potentially interchangeable.

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