• Amber An crosses over to NFT and gives birth to Homiao

  • The emerging industry of NFT in recent years has not only attracted many creators to the market, but has also created a wave in the entertainment industry. The general manager of Miloan Pictures, Chen Mu-Hsun, created the “ROARVERSE Roaring Universe” NFT project and invited the goddess Amber An to be the first guest in the Roaring Universe.

    Amber An, who has been willing to challenge herself in various capacities since her debut, has continued to deliver outstanding performances in various fields such as singer, actress and host, and her first contact with NFT has sparked a lot of interesting ideas for her.

    Amber An mentioned that the key to accepting the team’s invitation was being attracted by HOMIAO (Good Meow), a representative of the ROARVERSE roaring universe.

    Amber An’s team specially designed an exclusive Homiao (good meow) for Amber An. Amber An provided the idea of “I want the good meow to hold the microphone” and “I’ve been drinking sorghum with the director recently, or can the good meow also hold the bottle. “The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

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