• Animeta’s Animetracks will generate tracks for all Animeta NFT holders

  • On November 16, generative NFT project Animetas will launch Animetracks – an exclusive series of never-before-seen fusions of music and visuals.

    Each Animetas NFT holder will be able to mint their own unforgeable tokens to enjoy unique trait-based generative tracks. In fact, lucky owners of the rarer Animetas will even benefit from exclusive hand-crafted tracks

    Inspired by the project’s nostalgic aesthetic, the Animetaverse-compatible sound will take collectors on an unforgettable digital journey. But before we do, let’s take a look at this innovative concept.

    Animetracks, connecting music and NFTs

    Animetas NFT owners can create a unique sound based on their favorite avatar features with the release of Animetracks. How does it work?

    Essentially, each Animeta trait will produce a certain sound (such as a bass, drum top, chord, or melody). Since Animetas are generative collections, each incarnation will eventually produce a unique track based on its own trait. Like the Animetaverse ecosystem itself, these tracks have a nostalgic vibe that takes you back to the 80’s and 90’s era.

    Rare NFT holders, however, will benefit from non-generative, handcrafted tracks. These genres include animighties, aliens, galactic cops, zombies, robots, and holograms. In total, the Animetracks release will include 101 unique tracks – one for each fine Animeta.

    The series will officially launch on November 16 and will run for 99 days. What’s more, Animetracks will also be available within the Animetaverse. Community incentives will be released as the minting progresses, with milestone token production at 25% and 50%, game integration at 75%, and the holy grail of the Animetaverse festival at 90%.

    Animetaverse – a world of colour

    The revolutionary concept behind Animetracks was created by o-o-o with their new product called AvaTracks.The project, led by artistic director J. Views (a two-time Grammy nominee), aims to create tracks personalized to the idiosyncrasies of NFT Avatars.

    This drop is a great addition to the Animetaverse – a meta-universe of fun and color.10,101 avatars NFT features over 50 hairstyles and +100 costume items and accessories. Each unique feature is inspired by 80’s and 90’s pop culture, including pixelated designs for the avatars.

    Animetas NFTs: the sky is the limit

    Animetas has also had a lot of remarkable achievements this year. In recent months, the ethereum-based project has recorded several impressive sales. For example, Animeta #1806 sold for $45,200, while Animeta #870 garnered a record-breaking $62,400.

    Currently, Animetas has an impressive community of over 13,000 Discord members. What’s more, the project also has over 28,000 followers on Twitter who love the metaverse.

    Animetracks is just one of the many surprises that await Animetas NFT holders. Surprisingly, his roadmap for the project includes the November 30 release of Hovercars, the holder’s game, and the hovercar game – all within the first quarter of 2022.

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