• Animoca brand joins forces with space epic Star Atlas

  • Animoca Brands, one of the biggest brands in the blockchain gaming space, has formed an alliance with space exploration epic Star Atlas. This partnership will usher in a new era of collaboration for both organizations.

    The agreement will provide Animoca with a window into Solana’s blockchain operations, an area they have not explored before. The link will also provide Star Atlas with a stable connection to the ethereum network. As a result, Star Atlas assets will begin to appear on Animoca’s consolidated marketplace in the coming months.

    With the addition of Animoca as a shareholder, the two companies now have some common goals. They intend to expand their user base through cross-platform collaboration and will use their shared knowledge to improve the brand as a whole.

    The alliance will also allow for the sharing of cross-licensed intellectual property, meaning that NFT is not limited to the platforms it creates. By giving true digital ownership, Star Atlas aims to create a self-sustaining, player-owned ecosystem.

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