• Ankara University To Launch An Official NFT Course

  • Ankara University is Turkey’s first higher education institution to offer a course on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Many high-ranking government officials attended the newly launched lecture.

    As mentioned, Ankara University is the first Turkish university to offer courses in cryptology. Senior officials from the presidential administration and the culture ministry were present at the first class on non-fungible tokens.

    Ankara University Begins Course on NFTs

    The university’s initiative comes after the Turkish President directed the country’s Justice and Development Party to investigate developments on cryptocurrency. Furthermore, his announcement in December that Turkey was preparing a crypto law prompted the move.

    Necdet Ünüvar, Ankara University’s rector, said, “We are happy to teach about NFTs, but our students are happier than us.” At present, Bura Ayan teaches the “Introduction to NFT” course.

    Guests at the lecture included Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Zgül Zkan Yavuz. Along with him, Ali Taha Koç, head of the Turkish Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office, also attended the lecture. Yavuz said during the accompanying ceremony “We believe that NFT will trigger artistic creativity, skills and talents among youth. The step that Ankara University has taken by means of expanding awareness on NFT is very important.”

    Ali Taha Koç announced that his office is working on plenty of other digital initiatives. “Do not believe that NFT is solely a technological issue. NFT also has a legal component, which will force us to consider how it will affect our business practices,” he added.

    Koç mentioned that his department is currently working on a Turkish term for NFTs. Also, he encouraged course participants to contribute their own ideas to the effort. After announcing his intention to launch a poll on social media, he stated, “Everyone should join and add an alternative name to NFT.”

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