• Announcing NEW ImmutableImage.com and Canon Legends Mint on July 11th via Magic Eden’s Launchpad

  • The Legends Mint, an exceptional collaboration with Canon U.S.A. minting partner Magic Eden’s Launchpad, will occur on July 11th.

    Many of you participated in the wildly popular The Mint, No. 01, which introduced 500 editions of 25 stunning photographs minted on the Solana blockchain to hundreds of new collectors for a single accessible price of 1.5 SOL.

    The Legends Mint will be all that and more, with a historical roster of photographers, with all the artists having decades-long careers. We can’t say enough about the exceptional imagery the Canon Legends have brought to this. These are the genesis mints for all of them except Walter Iooss Jr.

    We’re honored to continue introducing some of the world’s most iconic photographers to Web3 and you, a vibrant new collector community supporting the vital visual art form we love. We believe more than ever that digital collectibility, driven by and for the creators, is a category that is only getting started. We hope we can all grow and enjoy this space together and become stronger by facilitating truly incredible and authentic photography on behalf of the artists in fun, fair, and accessible ways.

    In the coming days, expect continuous posts, stories, Twitter Spaces, and Discord AMA’s with the artists. In addition, on or around July 6th will be “Reveal Day,” where we will expose all the images (70+) and edition sizes.

    You can enjoy more of The Canon Legends discussing the photographs they will release in The Legends Mint on July 11th.

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