• Aqilliz Launches Music and Entertainment NFT Marketplace WishWorld

  • This week, blockchain-focused company Aqilliz launched its innovative entertainment NFT marketplace, WishWorld. Developed in partnership with One Mercuri, the platform facilitates NFT trading including experiences, music, and Metaverse utility.

    Aqilli & One Mercuri launch the WishWorld NFT Marketplace

    In essence, WishWorld aims to become the go-to marketplace for entertainment digital assets. Accordingly, the platform allows content creators to share their assets and connect with consumers easier using the latest blockchain tech tools.

    In order to celebrate its launch, WishWorld will drop the first audio NFTs on February 14th. Surprisingly, the digital assets represent songs and unreleased albums by none other than the iconic Music Maestro Ilaiyaraaja! What’s more, each soundtrack NFT will come with anecdotes and surprise features too.

    However, WishWorld wouldn’t have been the same without One Mercuri’s input. Founded in 2009, the Indian company specializes in talent management, entertainment, retail, and more. This experience helped the team design WishWorld into a one-of-its-kind NFT marketplace.

    Of course, One Mercuri Managing Director Sriram Bakthisaran chose to partner with Aqilliz for good reason:

    “We decided to partner with Aqilliz for the fact that they have built a robust platform that is very unique. Their approach towards treating the content as a coveted asset keeping the consumer at the centre is what we liked the most. We look forward to working with Aqilliz in creating this first of its kind marketplace,” he said.

    What is Aqilliz?

    Basically, Aqilliz delivers innovative solutions for businesses and individuals for effective data sharing on the open web. The team’s patented infrastructure, called Atom, is a top privacy-preserving technique that ensures clients’ security.

    Of course, the WishWorld NFT marketplace aims to deliver the same high-quality experience by connecting content creators with their fan base.

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