• Astronaut Dr Sian Proctor Loves NFTs And Is Working On Projects

  • Not content with conquering space, astronaut Dr Sian Proctor is now taking on the NFT world. The astronaut works on several NFT projects and actively participates in NFT culture and discussions.

    Dr Proctor is a geoscientist, explorer, space artist, poet, and astronaut who recently became the first black female pilot of an orbital spacecraft. Furthermore, she is undoubtedly a multi-talented woman, and her artwork is incredible.

    Her exclusive Genesis NFT collection is parter of a wider project titled, Going to Space. This project feature celebrates the science that makes space travel possible, the exploration of planets and the science behind these miraculous journeys. The artwork is called “Seeker”, and there are 100 NFTs in total. You can get your hands on one of these vibrant pieces of art for 0.2 ETH.

    Along with astronaut Dr Sian Proctor, Going to Space features NFT art from other astronauts, engineers, scientists and artists. Meanwhile, the project aims to publish collections that excite and inspire the space community worldwide.

    Finally, the renowned Astronaut, Dr Sian Proctor, is also working on Mongo Mugs (2nd Genesis Collection). This art collection focuses on Afrofuturism and has a tonne of utility attached to it. Significantly, there are only 222 of these NFTs available at the cost of 22 Matic each.

    It is an exciting time for the NFT community. Multi-talented people like Dr Proctor can help to propel the NFT space forward whilst producing fantastic art.

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