• Athlete Unlimited and GigLabs Partner to Launch NFT Collection

  • Athletes Unlimited has partnered with GigLabs to announce its entry into the Non-Friable Token (NFT) market.

    Athletes Unlimited is a new model of professional sports where athletes are the decision makers and individual players are the champions of their team sport.

    Becoming the second U.S. women’s professional sports league to produce an NFT, Athletes Unlimited will offer its initial collectible digital artwork exclusively to fans in the stadium during the inaugural lacrosse season, which began last weekend in Washington, D.C. The season runs through Aug. 22 and features 56 of the world’s top players.

    The first limited edition Athletes Unlimited NFT collection will be available for free at five fan games during the lacrosse season via a limited-time QR claim code in the stadium. Each unique Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse NFT will use commemorative images and clips that can be transferred to a fan’s digital Blocto wallet. Fans who accumulate a complete lacrosse set will unlock an ultra-exclusive sixth piece to complete the series.

    The GigLab partnership will enable Athletes Unlimited to create and operate its NFT Marketplace using GigLab’s proprietary NFT Bridge platform, a cloud-based service that removes the complexity of smart contracts, blockchain integration, NFT token design and management, and event services.

    “Our leagues are built on innovation, and by partnering with GigLabs, Athletes Unlimited is able to offer our fans the opportunity to be among the first collectors of these unique digital assets,” said Jon Patricof, CEO and co-founder of Athletes Unlimited.” NFT is making waves in our industry and we look forward to significantly increasing our market in the coming months with GigLabs’ low energy solutions in a responsible manner.”

    Athletes Unlimited’s collection will also be integrated into RareRooms, where collectors can curate and display their work.

    “We are excited that our partnership with Athletes Unlimited will allow fans to experience on-demand NFT collectibles while attending sporting events,” said Douglas Dimola, CEO and co-founder of GigLabs.” Athletes Unlimited is leading the league in providing an enhanced game day experience, while also providing a way for fans to collect and swap memories of their favorite sports moments.”

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