• Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team Launch ‘Harry The Hawk’ NFT Collection

  • The Atlanta Hawks are entering the world of NFTs by introducing the ‘Harry the Hawk’ NFT collection. In partnership with Atlanta-based GigLabs, they plan to release 40 unique, hand-drawn images of Harry the Hawk, their iconic mascot. The NFT auction will begin on March 14th and continue until March 17th. There are four auctions in total, with ten new NFTs listed daily.

    This is the first venture into the NFT world by the American basketball team, founded in 1946 and entertaining Atlanta, Georgia, since 1968. Last season, they topped the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference and made it to the Conference Finals, ending as Eastern Runners up.

    The NFTs will exist on the Flow Blockchain, known for their eco-friendly approach. The proof-of-stake blockchain uses significantly less energy resources compared to other blockchains. The Atlanta Hawks NFT collection is environmentally friendly, as you would expect from a team with a Hawk as a mascot.

    To take part, you will need to top-up your Dapper wallet and bid on the NFTs. The bidding starts at $50 on the first day and rises each day as the NFTs offer more utility and experiences. Importantly, you can bid without using cryptocurrency. The Atlanta Hawks official website provides a detailed explanation of how to do this.

    What is the Atlanta Hawks NFT collection?

    The Harry the Hawk collection has fantastic art and some incredible utility. There are four different types of NFTs, and each one has its benefits. At a base level, every NFT features original hand-drawn digital art. Certain NFTs will also unlock different physical items or pre-determined experiences.

    These benefits range from a $500 gift card to the Hawks shop to a signed jersey and other exclusive in-person experiences. These Atlanta Hawks NFTs will allow the fans to experience their team in a completely new way.

    “We strive to continue enhancing the way we engage with our global fanbase,” said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. “As we launch these one-of-a-kind NFTs, we are thrilled to provide fans with opportunities and experiences that are unique and have never before been possible.”

    This NFT collection is possible through the partnership with Atlanta-based technology company, GigLabs. This innovative company provides the technology allowing brands to launch NFT storefronts and marketplaces. They aim to help brands develop and enhance their intellectual property in this new digital age.

    Furthermore, they generate additional revenue streams, increase customer engagement, and provide value to fans through NFTs.

    GigLabs partners with brands, agencies and creators to provide easy-to-use tools for generating, minting, and selling NFTs containing customizable brand experiences. Meanwhile, it allows two Atlanta companies to offer a unique Web 3.0 experience for the Hawks family.

    Finally, along with Atlanta Hawks, many sports teams are realizing the value of NFTs. Over the last year, there has been a massive influx of companies exploring using NFTs and implementing them.

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