• Axie’s transactions are now free for all confirmed accounts

  • In an important update for Axie Infinity players looking forward to making trades, this week, Vietnamese company Sky Mavis announced that only players with a registered Axie Marketplace account will be able to enjoy 100 free trades per day.

    Sign up for an account to get free Axie Infinity trades

    Over the past month, the free nodes of the Ronin blockchain solution have been swamped with traffic. As a result, many platform transactions may have failed – a major problem for thousands of Axie Infinity traders.

    Sky Mavis believes that one of the main reasons for this is the increasing amount of spam on the network. To reduce this problem, the Vietnamese company has changed the rules of the game: from now on, Axie players must register an account on the Axie Marketplace in order to receive 100 free trades per day.

    It is worth noting that this requirement also applies retroactively. This means that former players must also activate their accounts, otherwise they will not be able to benefit from the free deals on the Axie Marketplace at all.

    2021, the top year for Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is undoubtedly one of the most popular blockchain games of 2021. This fall alone, the game has seen over $2.5 billion in transactions (more than CryptoPunks or NBA Top Shot)!

    In fact, one of its most notable upgrades, AXS Staking, even increased user activity by a whopping 92%. Launched back in October, the feature allows users to lock AXS (the official Axie Infinity token) to move to the Ronin sidechain for additional AXS rewards.

    Lockdown is a very popular feature that collectors and players alike are excited about. This month, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate also confirmed the launch of its $BLOOD token, along with a staring feature.

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