• Axie Infinity Outpaces Top NBA Players in Weekly NFT Deals

  • Play-to-earn platform Axie Infinity now accounts for the highest percentage of weekly transactions involving non-forgeable tokens (NFTs), surpassing the popular basketball-themed trading card game NBA Top Shot.

    Axie Infinity accounts for 53% of weekly transactions involving NFTs, while NBA Top Shot accounts for about 45%. The rest of the trading volume came from other programs, including CryptoPunks and Meebits.

    NBA Top Shot has accounted for the majority of weekly NFT deals since its launch in December 2020, but its volume has been declining since the end of June. Axie Infinity, on the other hand, has seen a surge in popularity, with its daily active users increasing by more than 230% since the end of June.

    In fact, the platform, developed by Singaporean gaming studio Sky Mavis, has grown at such a phenomenal rate that its servers have struggled to keep up. This has led to several shutdowns in recent weeks.

    Axie Infinity now has over a million daily active users on the platform. Earlier this week, it became the first NFT platform to reach $1 billion in historical trading volume.

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