• Axie Infinity updates breeding price policy

  • The undisputed king of NFT games, Axie Infinity, has updated the pricing mechanism for breeding hair collectibles. From now on, the cost of breeding has been reduced from 2AXS to 1AXS, and conversely, the cost of SLPs has been increased.

    The purpose of this new deal is to make breeding AXS more affordable and provide more liquidity for SLPs in the game. In addition, by increasing the price of SLPs, the breeding economy will further reward those players who invest the most time in the game.

    In recent months, Axie has run into a situation where more SLPs are being minted than burned. As such, this update intends to address this issue. In addition, the team would like to see a lot of breeding on the platform in order to provide enough Axies for the next generation of players.The updated SLP prices are as follows.

    This will allow Axie to balance its economy and help the community grow in the long run. Currently, Axie will be managing these pricing points manually. However, in the future, they intend to develop an automated pricing structure that keeps costs in line with equivalent fiat currency rates.

    Axie has seen incredible growth in 2021, with AXS up nearly 2,000% in the last 3 months alone. Additionally, Axie is working on a number of key updates, including a new battle system, as the key to continued growth is an evolving ecosystem.

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