• Baby NFT cottage collection is growing

  • From Lil Baby Ape Club to Lil Baby Cool Cats, we’ve seen an influx of cottage Baby NFT series from some of our favorite blue chip projects. Over the past week, these cottages have gained traction, with Lil Baby Ape Club currently reaching a bottom price of 0.23 ETH.

    About the CopyCat Baby NFT Series

    These collections are not related to the original collection. And, to be fair, they do state this in their Twitter profile. However, to the outsider, these items could be detrimental to the original items. For example, imagine that one of these Baby NFT collections is somehow involved in a scam or pimping, or some form of discrimination (as has been found). This could look bad for the blue chip items whose names appear in the titles of these collections. Because the art looks the same. To those looking at it from the outside, it makes it look like something done by one of the blue chip items like Bored Ape or Cool Cat, despite not having any involvement.

    Is there anything positive about it?

    The current hype is huge and it’s never been bigger, but why? Do people just not care about plagiarism? One argument might be the price of what you get. Why pay 30-40 ETH for an out-of-reach BAYC when I can get a baby version for 0.2?” This is what many people may be considering when ‘copying’ these programs. The spike in the value of blue chip NFT may increase this. As the price is way out of the budget of most average people. Users are looking for ways to get in on the ground floor of a great community. They may feel that these baby versions are the way to do that. Not to mention, these programs are more likely to include carpet pulls or scams. So, as always, if you’re going to invest, do your own research and be careful.

    Of course, it won’t be long before we see baby punk start to appear, or baby graffiti or creatures as well.

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