• Barcelona FC Footballer Launches Medusa Art NFTs on Elrond Network

  • NFT has transcended worthless digital tokens into another multi-billion dollar industry in the crypto space. Many celebrities are shifting from the traditional project into digital arts, thereby creating their own NFTs.

    NFTs are hot commodities, in fact, it is now a must-have for anyone looking to get their piece of the crypto boom. Therefore, it is great news for the fans of Brazilian professional footballer Dani Alves to learn that he joined the moving train of NFTs.

    The FC Barcelona player recently announced that he has teamed up with Deni Dudaev, simply known as Oxdeni to be a part of the Club Gorgon NFT project. Alves’ excitement can be seen written all over his tweet as he reveals he is “in love with Medusa art.”

    Alves further disclosed that he joined the project because of the team’s vision for the future and the evolution of Web3. Moreover, Club Gorgon is a member-only Phygital Art Club on Elrond Network. So, what’s not to love about this NFT project, CoinQuora deducts from his announcement.

    The celebrated defender got a rousing welcome from the Elrond Network, Club Gorgon, and Oxdeni. Launched on February 20, 2022, the platform is now open for anyone to mint their Medusa club membership NFT on Club Gorgon.

    Also, Club Gorgon announced on their Twitter page that the first hq prints of Medusa art signed by Dani Alves will start going out once they reach 2000 mints or in 30 days from February 23. To add, Alves made it clear that he was not paid a penny. After all, “when you believe in something you do not need to pay.”

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