• Beast Quest and Sandbox team up for epic giveaway

  • Popular fantasy adventure series Beast Quest is partnering with Sandbox for a massive giveaway. Individuals and teams are tasked with building a Beast Quese-themed game in a sandbox ecosystem.

    The $100,000 $SAND will provide opportunities for game designers just starting out, and thanks to the sandbox’s “no code” game maker, the opportunity is open to all. The rules are simple – use your imagination and design a game set in Beast Quest.

    For plenty of inspiration, potential designers are encouraged to check out the existing Beast Quest collection in the marketplace and get to know some of the lore on the Beast Quest website. Once completed, sponsors will judge the game design in five areas: creativity, design, inventiveness, playability, and wow factor. With this in mind, a maximum of 100 points will be awarded.

    The best game will receive a ton of great prizes. 10 winners will receive a 1×1 LAND plot, a Beast Quest NFT book, and will be featured on the Beast Quest website. In addition, the winners will share $100,000 in prizes, with first place receiving $40,000 in sand and the rest distributed in decreasing round numbers.

    The contest is now open and entrants have until Sept. 19 to submit their designs. Voting will begin on Sept. 20, and prizes will be awarded on Oct. 4. Interested parties must submit their designs by filling out the application form and through the Game Maker Gallery feature.

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