• Beijing Winter Olympic Games will have its own P2E game and NFTs

  • The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have announced their plans for an officially licensed play-to-earn party game. The game will be titled ‘Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022’.

    About the P2E game

    The Olympics committee unveiled the Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022, which is significantly the officially licensed play-to-earn game. It is a multiplayer party game where players compete in many winter sports to earn Olympic digital NFT pins.

    The game is being built by nWay, which is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands in a collab with the International Olympic Committee. It is set to feature many arcade-style winter sports where players can specifically show off their skills in various sports.

    Users are generally able to fully customise their avatar to bring uniqueness to the Winter Olympics Games-based game. Notably, the game is available on Android, and it’s set to be launched on iOS soon. It will receive new updates throughout. The game also lets players earn NFTs. Further, you can find a detailed roadmap on their website.

    Collectors can get the NFT pins in three ways:

    1. Earning them by playing Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022
    2. Buying boxes on nWayPlay.com
    3. Purchasing specific pins from other users on the nWayPlay marketplace.

    Holders of the NFTs given will gain access to higher tiers of play within the game.

    About the Winter Olympic Games

    The Winter Olympic Games, which is this year being held in Beijing, started February 4 thand ends on February 20th. In this year’s games, 109 events are being held in 7 sports. The city was picked as the host city in July of 2015 and it is the first Winter Olympic Games in China, and the second overall, as Beijing also hosted the Summer games in 2008. Altogether, in these games, 2,871 athletes are representing 91 nations.

    About nWay

    nWay is a games company whose parent company is Animoca Brands. nWay is the company behind many games in the regular games space and is now stepping into the NFT and play-to-earn space. Some of their overall biggest games include WWE Undefeated, Battlepalooza, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

    Its parent company, Animoca Brands, is behind some huge games within NFTs and play-to-earn. They are a Hong Kong-based game firm. These include Revv Motorsport, The Sandbox and Phantom Galaxies. Their other collections include F1 collectibles and FC Bayern Munich collectible cards. Their upcoming projects also include work with Manchester City and Melbourne City FC.

    Both Animoca Brands and nWay have clear skills in building brands and creating products with massive IPs.

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