• BeyondLife.club launches its secondary marketplace after two successful drops

  • BeyondLife.club is embarking on a new endeavour with the launch of its secondary NFT marketplace. Yes! This is the same marketplace that did successful auctions for Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan’s NFTs. Not only this but Stan Lee’s Chakraverse NFTs were also launched via BeyondLife.club.

    BeyondLife.club new secondary marketplace

    To begin, the famous blockchain brand, GuardianLink.io powers the new marketplace. Basically, the marketplace will allow its users to monetize their purchased NFTs. Moreover, buyers can easily trade in the marketplace, which will definitely enhance the market value of the product.

    Now, GuardianLink.io aims to attract 1 million wallets to the platform in the next six months.

    Other benefits of BeyondLife.club’s secondary marketplace include :

    Secondary royalty rights to the original creator

    NFT collectors can also list their NFT just like creators.
    In short, anyone can mint their NFTs and earn passive income from each sale.

    What’s more :

    Interestingly, BeyondLife.club will provide a price index via analyzing market trends. Simply put, users can learn both the current and future worth of their NFTs. Another new feature is Anti-RIP NFT which prevents the NFT from being copied. This will help in protecting the exclusive rights of its owners.

    Arjun Reddy, CTO & Co-Founder of GuardianLink, said, “With big tech giants like Meta, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube moving into the crypto/NFT ecosystem, new opportunities are exploding and we’d like to make cutting edge blockchain technology easily accessible to everyone through our marketplace, games, and shared-verse.”

    Currently, GuardianLink.io is supporting 45+ NFT marketplaces in 30 countries. Simultaneously, it is establishing a firm presence in India.

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