• Big Narstie: New Single ‘Gas The Set’ To Release As An NFT

  • British MC and Rapper, Big Narstie has released his latest single ‘Gas the Set’ as an NFT via auction on the Pianity platform. On Twitter, he also mentioned that the first people to buy it, he would bring on stage with him during a show.

    About ‘Gas the Set’ NFT

    Big Narstie has released his debut NFT, single: ‘Gas the Set’, on the Pianity platform through an auction. The current highest bid is £599 ($792) – as of 10.30 am UTC, March 5th. The eventual buyer of the 1/1 NFT is promised an array of benefits. These include stage and backstage access, discounted merch, signed BDL merch, BDL membership and the exclusive track and video to the song.

    Notably, also, on the Pianity platform, buyers of NFTs are able to access rewards in the form of $PIA for solely purchasing. In order to continue earning the rewards, users must buy at least 1 NFT per month, no matter the value. Finally, the site reported that the average APY is 85%. You can find out more information here.

    This is Big Narstie’s first NFT but certainly doesn’t look to be his last. He took to Twitter earlier this week to say: “I’m building my own music NFT so we can run a line in the NFT ends and have our own assets to resell and make p’s (money) from.”

    About Big Narstie

    Tyrone Lindo, more commonly known as ‘Big Narstie’ is a British MC, author, rapper, comedian and presenter. He started off in 2002 and has since collaborated with stars such as Robbie Williams, Craig David and more. Also, his show, The Big Narstie Show, was made following his appearances on ‘Gogglebox: Celebrity Special’. It has featured guests including Ed Sheeran, David Schwimmer and David Haye.

    His career started as a member of grime crew, ‘N Double A’. Although he is now better known for his solo ventures. In 2014, Big Narstie released What’s the Story Brixton Glory Part II, where he covered various Britpop classics by artists such as Oasis. He then embarked on the Base Defence League (BDL) Tour around the UK. This had a host of music artists supporting him.

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