• Bii Bishou’s first NFT is coming soon to “Jcard This Curry”

  • As the meta-universe theme continues to gain momentum lately, various IPs and artists have turned to NFT, and after the NBA brought a wave of non-coin fever, NFT has begun to enter the general public’s view. Earlier this month, Malaysian singer Wong Ming Chee spearheaded the release of a song titled “Heart of Glass” on the NFT platform, followed by renowned singer Bii Bishu announcing the upcoming release of his first solo NFT at an earlier press conference, making the craze for NFTs to enter the acting industry unstoppable.

    After two years, Bii Bishou has released his seventh new album, RE – After Turning Around. The album’s title track “Parasite” depicts the other self within Bii Bishou, who will keep 50% of his past self while leaving the other 50% for the unknown future innovations. In the present of the meta-universe, Taiwan’s well-known NFT platform “Jcard This Cafe” also plans to continue the spirit of “Double Sided Parasite” by using Non-Forgible Tokens (NFT) to carry Bii Bishou’s dual personality and launch NFT animation works, which will officially hit the shelves of “Jcard This Cafe” on December 10.

    Fans shouldn’t miss the combination of Bii Bishoujo’s illustrator and hand-drawn sketches

    For this NFT production, up-and-coming illustration artist Kookie&Funk (Cookie Funk), whom Kookie&Funk had worked with earlier in the year on Bii Bishu, was involved in the design of the unique NFT artwork. At the time, Kookie&Funk created a young boy dreaming of soaring into the sky for the song “Hold Up,” and this time, Kookie&Funk provided hand-drawn sketches of the concept and then sketched out the next generation of Bii Bishou. The press conference also revealed for the first time the concept for Bii Bishoujo’s first NFT, Double Parasite, where the character’s light side is lifted and the dark side exists within. The concept will be presented in a dynamic way, showing the reverse pull of Bii Bishoujo’s outside and inside, coupled with music composed by Bii Bishoujo himself, which is very exciting!

    Bii Bi Shu NFT Debut – Double Sided Parasite is scheduled to go on sale for a limited time on December 10th at 8pm at “Jcard This Cafe”.

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