• Billboard, World of Women Celebrate Christina Aguilera with NFT Cover

  • American singer, songwriter, and television personality Christina Aguilera got chosen as Billboard’s first Iconic Woman in Music for the year 2022. Billboard and World of Woman decided to honor her with an NFT magazine cover.

    The first of its kind cover was announced last Wednesday, Feb. 23, in a candid conversation via Twitter that happened between Aguilera and Billboard’s journalist Liela Cobo. The cover was designed by World of Women’s co-founder and NFT artist Yam Karkai.

    During that talk, the artist mentioned many topics, such as her plans to write and sing Spanish again, her daughter being her biggest fan, and her support for the women empowerment movement, which she reiterated in a tweet about the NFT cover.

    The artist commented during the Twitter conversation, saying:

    It’s important to support women and you can take the easy way out sometimes to do what the public will expect, but all of my career I’ve gone for the unexpected. All my career I’ve gone for it doesn’t matter who’s charting. The talented self speaks to me and much of the time that doesn’t include everybody that’s on the charts. Some of that can get to be a bit manufactured. It’s always good energy to work with other women.

    Aguilera has also shown support to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), a community that is dedicated to protecting women from any form of domestic violence. Furthermore, she has called to hold offenders accountable while supporting survivors and certain advocates.

    This women empowerment movement is not surprising, as we have already witnessed a collaboration between World of Women and Hello Sunshine earlier this year. Moreover, a lot of great artists have shown support for the ladies during big events, such as the Superverse Dubai, where NFT rapper BIA and influencer Swan Sit talked about the importance of women being a part of the crypto industry and the NFT world.

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