• Biodegradable Fresco To Be Turned Into An NFT

  • Prestigious winery Château Cantenac Brown, in Bordeaux, France, has entrusted David Popa to create a fresco located at the front of the estate. Château Cantenac Brown, established in 1806, remains family-owned after 200 years. Unfortunately, the painting is constructed to vanish after the first rainfall after its creation in the spring. Yet, the artwork will live on through the blockchain in the form of an NFT.

    Biodegradable Fresco NFT

    Titled “The Power Of Earth” the fresco NFT will feature David Popa’s signature minimalist style that has captivated viewers worldwide. Popa is an artist specializing in temporary biodegradable art. By using raw pigments such as ground shells and mixing them with the natural water, Popa forms an ephemeral masterpiece.

    Washed away by crashing waves or falling rain, these fleeting creations are a wonder to behold. After development, this digital artwork will find its home among the highest bidder. Proceeds from the sale are directly donated to the “Conservatoire du Littoral” which will help buy lands and save them from urbanization.

    “Everyone knows that the secret of an exceptional wine is, above all, the soil, it is this earth that I use as a medium, with all the respect we owe it” he stated.

    Popa was born and raised in New York City; however, growing up with a french mother working in a winery, he learned what makes a bottle of great wine. As Popa’s work involves combining natural elements of earth, the collaboration with a winery such as Château Cantenac Brown seems logical.

    While David finds inspiration inside the winery grounds, buyers wait patiently. In addition to obtaining artwork from such a gifted artist, the piece’s historical importance can be in the brown name alone. After 200 years, the brown name continues to mark the world with increasing magnitude.

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