• Black Eye Galaxy Play-To-Earn Forms Cross-Chain Alliance with Hodooi

  • The massive cross-chain VR space odyssey, Black Eye Galaxy, has partnered with NFT Marketplace, Hodooi, for the next step in their cosmic journey. Now, they have a versatile trading platform to match their multi-chain ambitions.

    Black Eye Galaxy is a massive play-to-earn blockchain game where NFT stands for spaceships and planets, thus enabling gamers to explore the vast unknown. On their journey across this most ultimate frontier, players can mine planetary resources, explore space, and develop a complex in-game economy.

    The VR space experience will test more than just combat prowess. Players can transform planets, build civilizations, levy taxes, and build alliances. The game mechanics even allow for custom currencies to support native economies. The result is a game that has the potential to allow users to unleash their inner tyrant and rule with an iron fist.

    Furthermore, Black-Eyed Galaxy prides itself on its cross-chain vision. As such, each “star cluster” involved represents a different Tier 1 chain. With this in mind, Binance will pull the plug, with other blockchains coming later. Land sales are expected later this year, with Ethereum connectivity in Q1 2022.

    Hoodoi will help them out with their own built-in interoperability, allowing seamless trading of assets in the game between factions. The result is an interesting experiment in multi-chain gaming.

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