• BlockMonsters will launch its pre-order round on September 4 at 6pm CET

  • BlockMonsters, a blockchain-based gaming platform, is pleased to welcome everyone to its pre-sale, which will go live on September 4 at 6pm CET. Participants will have access to exclusive BlockMons, which they can use to battle and trade with their peers from around the world.

    The highly anticipated pre-sale will offer a hard cap of 1,000 BNBs, with 1 BNB worth $140,000 in MNSTRS tokens. Early investors can get exclusive BlockMons by depositing a minimum of 0.75 BNB.

    Join the upcoming BlockMonsters pre-sale for the opportunity of a lifetime. This is a thriving gaming meta area that will take you back to your childhood memories. Anyone can enter the pre-sale whitelist competition until September 4 at 6pm CET.

    The round comes with a meme contest that enables users to pick a new BlockMon reveal name. Players can also win a pre-order slot by creating a unique and catchy meme to raise awareness of the NFT game project.

    Start your BlockMonsters adventure!

    BlockMonsters adventure/RPG game facilitates the collection, purchase and sale of exciting NFTs for each user. Participants can become the best BlockMonsters champions by unlocking exclusive creatures that they can use to trade or battle with others on the platform. The ultimate goal is to one day unlock and own 150 BlockMons through various strategies such as blockchain battles, in-game captures and opening booster packs.

    For beginners, all gamers must earn entry-level BlockMons, which allows them to participate in the exciting world of BlockMon. All participants in the closed private sale will receive their starter for free, while all other wallets require the use of $MNSTRS to unlock NFTs.

    Only participants in the private sale can choose their preferred NFTs. all other participants who wish to receive BlockMons can purchase them from participants in the seed round at a price determined by the NFT owners.

    The rarity, evolution and rank of each BlockMon determines its value. The owner of an NFT can trade it on the platform’s decentralized marketplace. In addition, they can collect more shiny BlockMons and sell them for MNSTRS dollars.

    In the upcoming pre-sale, investors will get a randomly assigned starter to their wallets, while private sale participants can choose their preferred NFTs.All other participants wishing to acquire BlockMons can buy them from participants in the seed round at a price determined by the NFT’s owner.

    The rarity, evolution and rank of each BlockMon determines its value. owners of NFTs can trade on the platform’s decentralized marketplace and collect more shiny BlockMons, which they can sell for MNSTRS dollars.

    Rewarding the community at each milestone

    BlockMonsters aims to build a vibrant community through its engaging Meme contest and referral program. In addition, it plans to create a well-designed marketing strategy that covers its ambitious plans.

    In addition, the program deploys robust token economics to foster community growth. It plans to reward users who reach important milestones, such as capturing new BlockMons or beating trainers.

    The project’s team has also developed an MVP version of the game with a blockchain battle engine. The new version enables users’ wallets to compete for the chance to level up their NFT-based creatures and gain the next level of evolution.

    BlockMonsters is working with strong publishing partners like BscScan, PancakeSwap, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to help their blockchain-based game take off.

    Connect with other BlockMonsters champions around the world via the platform’s Telegram/Twitter/Instagram today!

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