• Bluethumb Digital: Australia’s Best Artists Coming to New NFT Marketplace

  • Bluethumb, Australia’s largest online art gallery, is entering the NFT space with Bluethumb Digital. Indeed, Bluethumb Digital will be the NFT home for some of the country’s biggest digital artists. The new NFT marketplace will host its genesis drop in late February.

    Bluethumb Digital hopes to bring NFTs to the masses

    The online art gallery Bluethumb has been around for quite some time. In fact, Bluethumb Digital is arriving in time with the gallery’s celebration of its 10-year anniversary.

    The move into the NFT space shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given Bluethumb’s history. Of course, as Australia’s largest online art gallery, Bluethumb takes pride in making selling and collecting art as accessible as possible through technology. In this way, NFTs are simply a natural progression of the Bluethumb mission.

    By the same token, it’s important to note that the Bluethumb founders, George and Edward Hartley, have long wanted to feature more digital art on their platform. Speaking about the thinking behind Bluethumb Digital, George says,

    “Some of the most interesting new art in the last few years has been in digital and video. And we actually have hundreds of artists already on Bluethumb who do some digital work. The problem is we haven’t been able to work out how to sell it and now NFTs have solved that for us.”

    Now, thanks to NFTs, the Hartleys can finally assist the many talented digital artists who have wanted to sell their art through Bluethumb. George Hartley also added,

    “Whenever we plan something new for Bluethumb the only question is: does this benefit our artists? Bluethumb Digital does and will into the future. I’m excited about the new art that we will be introducing to our collecting community.”

    NFTs continue to provide artists with new avenues

    Over the past year, we have seen amazing highs in the NFT world in terms of sheer growth in sales volume, and some fierce criticism from people who hate the medium. In any case, it’s hard to argue the fact that countless artists have enjoyed life-changing successes. And that these would have been impossible without NFTs. To be sure, the rise of NFTs has been a revolution for the art world.

    One of the artists in the Bluethumb Digital genesis drop is the renowned contemporary artist, Mysterious Al. To that end, Al makes the point that artists should be looking to the future when it comes to NFTs.

    “I think all artists need to be thinking about the future of our work, and how it can exist in the metaverse.” Al goes on to add, “If all the biggest brands and galleries in the world are thinking about this, we should too!”

    While Bluethumb is gearing up for an amazing launch, it hasn’t yet announced a date for its genesis NFT drop. Although it has been stated that the drop will take place in late February. However, anybody eager to sign up for the waitlist so they don’t miss the drop can sign up for the waitlist on the Bluethumb Digital website.

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