• Bluzelle Launches Mainnet Decentralized Storage for NFT Content

  • Decentralized storage network Bluzelle has announced the release of its mainnet R2 file storage system, designed to enhance the decentralization of non-forgeable tokens (NFTs) and their corresponding data.

    The solution was created amid rising concerns about the lack of invariance in the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol, a relatively undiscussed storage model that currently serves as the gold standard for most NFT assets, including Cryptopunks and Beeple.

    Twitter user Jonty Wareing shared a popular assessment of the fundamental flaws of IPFS for the NFT project.

    In their announcement, Bluzelle highlights that prominent use cases for their service include NFT content around 3D digital art or video reels.

    Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle, spoke to Cointelegraph about the importance of transitioning NFT’s assets and data from IPFS storage to a truly decentralized system as the industry goes mainstream.

    “IPFS is a decentralized network. But it doesn’t guarantee decentralized storage. Your NFT sits on only one node. That node could go down. If users don’t want that risk, they should use a system like Bluzelle, which guarantees that their assets are safe in multiple places at once.”

    Bluzelle’s infrastructure has already been deployed on Mintable and, if testing is successful, is expected to be implemented in a range of other NFT markets in the coming months.

    Implementing this decentralized model will assure buyers and holders that their NFT assets are safe and will not be affected in the event of a platform shutdown, a model somewhat similar to hardware wallet storage for cryptocurrency assets.

    Bains also shared his expectations for the mainnet launch, providing his take on the potential impact the implementation could have on Bluzelle’s ecosystem in the coming year.

    “This is our first real use case. Kind of like an ICO for ethereum. we can focus on one area and really serve those customers. I think NFTs will scale and grow in new ways, so it will allow Bluzelle to develop new features to support it.”

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