• Brave Tigers NFTs Are Ready to Conquer The Metaverse Fearlessly

  • From the depths of the jungle into the heart of the metaverse, the Brave Tigers NFT collection has arrived! With amazing traits and colorful outfits, these fearless creatures are ready to take over the market.

    The presale will start on January 28th for whitelist members, so let’s find out all about the collection ASAP!

    What is Brave Tigers NFT?

    In essence, Brave Tigers is a collection of 10,000 avatar-style NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each digital asset reveals the fascinating personality of a brave tiger NFT, featuring exquisite traits. From king crowns to armors and guns, these animated characters are ready to conquer the metaverse.

    In fact, their story is exactly what makes them so intriguing. According to the official website, the Brave Tigers NFTs used to live happily in wilderness until humans destroyed their territory. On the verge of extinction, the remaining creatures hid, waiting for the perfect moment to fight back.

    Now, that moment has arrived – and you can help them out!

    The Brave Tigers NFT pre-sale will start on January 28th at 12:00 a.m. UTC for whitelist members only, with 0.15 ETH per NFT. In addition, the public sale will begin on January 30th at 12:00 a.m. UTC with a price of 0.2 ETH per NFT.

    The grand reveal is set for February 2nd when collectors will finally see their amazing warrior NFTs! Of course, this is just the beginning. The project roadmap is just as fascinating as the artwork itself, so let’s check it out.

    The project roadmap revealed

    During the first quarter of 2022, project admins will focus on marketing and the community. As a result, the team will host giveaways worth a whopping $100,000 in total for all NFT holders!

    In addition, community members will enjoy a brand new merch store featuring their favorite characters. Notably, there will be a new NFT collection drop in March, available for NFT holders only!

    Now, you can embark on this amazing journey too. In order to help the Brave Tigers NFTs regain their virtual territory, you can mint your own digital asset on the official website starting January 28th.

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