• BT Turns New Album Metaversal Into NFT Scavenger Hunt

  • Using the smart contract code Discord and Twitter hints, users earn an NFT for each problem they solve, with a total of 33 puzzles to choose from.

    Electronic music legend BT has released his 14th studio album, Metaversal. The 11-track album is more than just any song, as it uses blockchain technology to provide a unique listening experience. Each song has a unique sonic configuration that changes over time.

    Due to its design, the album is not available on traditional streaming channels. Instead, its music can be enjoyed using a blockchain-based decentralised application (dApp) accessible online.BT’s most recent album, General.json, earned 88.8 ETH, or £187,000, on Superrare back in May. This is expected to be no less impressive.

    Metaversal: more than just an album

    Metaversal, BT notes, is more than just an album, but an audiovisual playback engine and software cipher. Speaking of the codes woven into the music, BT says, “One of the most exciting things about releasing music over the years has been how long it takes and who will be the first to discover the hidden meanings in the pieces.”

    The album, Metaversal, contains over 200,000 lines of code. The coded riddles embedded in the lines of code are interwoven into audio response art that is displayed in the album’s Metaversal engine. Buyers (and listeners) will compete to solve the coded lines embedded in the music.

    Using hints from the smart contract code Discord and Twitter, users will earn an NFT for each problem they solve, with a total of 33 riddles to choose from. No coincidence, this means there are also 33 NFTs up for grabs. Buyers will also receive a mystery golden ticket, 11 3D printed sculptures, and a custom vinyl box set. At the time of writing, one of the puzzles, known as the Mirror Key, has been solved.

    Admittedly, Metaversal is a complete work of art. It blends the best of music with computer science and cryptography to create an unusual work of art.BT was released on Wednesday, September 29th via the Origin protocol, based on a 3-tier auction system. Opening bids start at 1 ETH.

    About Origin Protocol

    Origin Protocol launched in 2017 to bring NFTs and DeFi to the masses. The platform’s NFT launchpad allows digital artists like BT to change the narrative and use blockchain technology to create revolutionary works of art. The creation of the Metaversal album then is a showcase for both the potential of blockchain and NFTs, as well as musical talent.

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